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1.)  Documentary Film Production Intern for Alma Libre Productions- This is an internship for 1-2 college credit hours, in addition to resume experience and a free VIP pass to the 2013 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival. Preferably someone with web design experience.  Intern needed to facilitate the film festival distribution and circulation of the documentary film, AfterEffects shot in Haiti.  Research of film festivals, setting up private screenings, packaging, printing and mailing. Set up and maintain temporary website for the film. Fulfill tasks needed to move the film to other exhibition opportunities. Possibility for further positions on other international projects.  or

2.) Emerging Filmmaker Program Internship - This is an internship for 3 college credit hours-  Student Intern will be responsible for helping to teach and manage a high school filmmaking crew/workshop in producing a film project from October to June.  Student will help to teach course curriculum under Program Director and technically supervise as well as creatively aid students in the development of their film project.  Films have gone to numerous film festivals throughout the nation and won several awards.  Must be familiar with video and audio equipment operation. Great resume builder, Crew Management position, build your credibility!  or  

3.)  Volunteer for Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival  0 credit hours, just resume experience and a free VIP Pass to the film festival and a VIP pass to the film only goes till October so...
      Intern is responsible for flyer/poster dissemination, ticket sales, VIP pass management, cleanup, facilitate the needs of the film festival during a given session(s)  or

4.) Photography Intern during the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival - 0 credit hours, just resume experience and a free VIP Pass to the film festival.  Chief Photographer for Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival.  Responsible for coverage of the Film Festival in all its venues, screenings, events and receptions.  Must regularly deliver to Social Media Intern for posting to social media sites. Must deliver all photos to Festival Director for archives.  or

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